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Meet Stephanie: Welcome


A Lover of Science + Energy

Stephanie is a wholistic coach and energy intuitive. Through energy and coaching work, Stephanie empowers her clients with easy, effective, and powerful coaching and energy techniques to navigate and overcome issues and challenges. Her clients gain a greater sense of personal power, self-worth, confidence and self-love.

Here is a little more about Stephanie's from her words:

My journey with energy began when I was a child and teenager. You could say that I've always had multi-sensory experiences that allowed me to experience the "unseen." This was further cultivated when I joined my mom's Tuesday Night Reiki group, which consisted of a blend of 10-20 friends and guests, mostly women and a few men. We would meet at our good friend's home to talk about and practice Reiki and energy medicine. Our small but mighty group in the suburbs of Wisconsin even had a few guest authors and special healers join to share their wisdom. I loved this group and have so many fond memories of Tuesday nights. It was here where I received my Reiki I attunement in 1997. During my years in this group, I saw the profound effects that energy medicine could have on a person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, including my own experiences.

Since the late 90's, I have studied various holistic healing modalities. I love and come back to coaching, reiki, and sound therapy as powerful healing modalities.

I have formal training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Nidra Practitioner. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Psychology from Bastyr University (Seattle/Kenmore) and Master of Arts degree in Psychology: Child, Couple & Family Therapy from Antioch University (Seattle). Other professional experience includes Public Health, Epidemiology, Cardiology and Neuro-Oncology Research, nonprofits, and a brief but enlightening experience in the restaurant industry. I believe in being an amiable customer and solid customer service. 

Throughout my life I've been interested in and have studied energy and science in one form or another. You will often find me at the intersections of science, energy, and spirituality.

And for those who want to know or appreciate a good list....


Certified Life Coach + Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Former Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist {LMFT} in Washington State 

Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner, Vibrational Sound Association

Reiki Master Certification {Includes certifications for Reiki I, II, + III}

Yoga Nidra Certification


Antioch University: Master of Arts in Psychology; Child, Couple + Family Therapy (COAMFT Accredited) (2012)

Bastyr University: Bachelor of Science; Health Psychology (2008)

The Life Purpose Institute: Life Coach Certification + Spiritual Life Coaching (ICF Accredited) (2019)

Vibrational Sound Association: Vibrational Sound Therapy (2018)

Marie Manuchehri: Reiki Master Training + Energy Medicine Training (2017)


Vibrational Sound Association: Board Member, 2018-2022

American Association for Marriage + Family Therapy 2010-2020

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