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7 Tips on Getting Grounded

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Learning how to ground in our bodies and finding our stillpoint is the vacation you've been waiting for.

We can easily become bombarded with messages, information, and people that interrupt our inner peace, connection to flow, and Self or Source. Alternatively, we can also disconnect from our bodies as a response to stress and trauma, further fragmenting our energy. So much so, that many people have alienated or detached to their felt sense and connection to their bodies, stuck and lost in the endless loops of thought.

Finding and using grounding techniques that work for you can be life changing. These simple techniques give you the power to shift and ground your personal energy in minutes.

These tips are intended to foster a healthy and friendly connection with your body.

This is a great opportunity to practice nonjudgement, especially if negative thoughts pop up. You can imagine those thoughts as animal-shaped clouds and blow them far away with just one breath. And then bring your focus back to the body.

Getting grounded in the present moment means doing exactly that. Start by picking and identifying reference points that engage the senses and use the senses and sensations to go deeper into the body.

Use your senses and active sensations in the body to observe and ground into the present moment, and into the body. Felt sense is a powerful reference point to observe and experience the present moment.

  1. Identify an object that you can see. Describe it with a name, shape, color, and texture. If your eyes are closed, it is dark, or if you have a visual impairment, can you imagine something in your mind's eye that you are currently experiencing through another sense and describe it in detail?

  2. Identify something you can hear. Birds, water, cars, music, a heater or air-conditioning. Sometimes the wind, sometimes people talking. Name the sound in your mind or out loud. If you have hearing impairment, can you feel any vibrations that would be identified as sound around you? Do you have any memories of sound? What are your favorite memories of sound? How did you feel when you heard this sound? What sensations can you feel in your body now recalling the sound?

  3. Identify something that you can smell. Whether it's in real time or imagined. What is in your current vicinity? Can you recall other aromas, like fresh cut grass, the air before it rains, lilacs in the Spring? If you are feeling stress, imagine smelling a big bunch of lavender and how the soothing fresh aroma sends calming sensations through your body. Or imagine smelling fresh cut lemons and be curious about how just thinking about cutting fresh lemons and smelling them can activate your salivary glands. And come back to the present moment of a *literally* wet palette.

  4. Identify something you can taste. What is the current quality of saliva in your mouth? What does it taste like in your mouth? Would you like a sip of water, tea, or another beverage? How could your mouth be more comfortable right now? What is the sensation of your tongue, resting the tip at the roof of your mouth or resting behind your bottom teeth? How do your teeth feel? How do your gums feel? How do the tissues and muscles that make up your mouth feel? How are the tastebuds feeling about what you take in on a daily basis? Does your mouth feel like you are speaking your truth?

  5. Identify something that you can feel on your skin. What is the sensation or texture that you feel? How does your skin feel in response to that sensation? Is it silk, cotton, grass, stones? How does your skin respond to these different sensations? Do parts of your body prefer different sensations over others? Come down to where your body makes contact with points of the surface you sit or lie on. Feel how your body makes contact with the surface or the earth that it stands, walks, sits, or lies upon.

  6. Bring your awareness to your feet. Where are they? What do they feel like? What is the temperature of them? How are your arches feeling? Can you rest physically or energetically in your arches and outline of your feet? If you can't feel sensation in your feet, can you remember a time when you did? Or can you imagine grounding from the lowest part of your body that has sensation. Grounding into the presence of your feet and lower extremities helps bring energy down and ground.

  7. Find the stillpoint in your coccyx. I like to imagine crawling into the womb/pelvic bowl for a nap and finding the quietest point, just at the tip of the coccyx. This is the point of peace that connects our energy into the energy of the earth. When you connect into the still point, imagine connecting or plugging in to Earth's grounding field, and feel the pull of Mother Earth while simultaneously receiving an energetic hug from the mother. A beautiful grounding practice of giving and receiving.

Using grounding techniques that work for you is life changing. These and other simple techniques give you the power to shift and ground your personal energy in minutes.

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